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Dr. Elizabeth Morin

Dr. Elizabeth Morin is originally from Northern Connecticut and came to Florida to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida.  She attended undergraduate school in Westfield, MA where she received her Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science. She has always loved warmth and year-round outdoor adventures and decided to make Florida her permanent home in 2011.  She first moved to the Keys in late 2011, and has since tried other parts of Florida but has come back to make  Key West her permanent home.

Dr. Liz enjoys running, fishing, spearfishing, diving, exploring new places and being with her supportive group of Key West Family and friends. She loves animals and her big dog Patrick.  She is very happy to be back in the Lower Keys/Key West area where she can teach many people and their families about health and its major connection to the spine and nerve system that most people are not aware of or addressing.

Dr. Liz's Chiropractic Story:
Dr. Liz was introduced to chiropractic care when she was at her lowest point health-wise.  As a young person she was plagued with chronic allergies and sinus infections.  Being in contact with her grandparents' cats would send Liz to the hospital and put on breathing treatments.  This was devastating for Liz because she loves animals so much.  She often had asthma attacks and had to be put on many medications.  In college, her sinus problems came to a head and fear kicked in as her appetite disappeared, she was missing class due to excruciating "migraine-like" headaches, and she had no energy or zest for life. She was tired of being told it was another sinus infection and being put on more antibiotics that were destroying her immune system. 

At a college career fair she met a local chiropractor and the rest is history.  Through a chiropractic examination and x-rays, the cause of Dr. Liz's health problems was found in her cervical spine-she had numerous chronic subluxations that kept her from being able to function and heal at 100% capacity.  Chiropractic changed her life that year, helped her get off numerous prescribed and over the counter drugs, and inspired her to change her undergraduate focus to include Pre Medicine so she could enter Chiropractic school.  

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